Meet Photofy

USA, 14 February 2014 – Launching globally today is Photofy, a new social photo app for iOS and Android that enables people to take the images they love, add their own unique touch and then share with the world. Photofy was created for people who are passionate about photography and want to express themselves creatively.

Available to download for free, Photofy enables users of all creative abilities to enhance their photos using thousands of professionally designed graphics, stickers, typography and frames. Photofy’s impressive library of pre-designed content spans over 70 categories from birthdays to baby, Valentine’s Day, weddings, holidays…and of course ‘selfies’. It’s the perfect way to impress a loved one come the 14th February or try and get the attention of someone special.

The app also offers users the option of its free form text tool. They can choose from over 90 free fonts and easily adjust the look of their text using the incredible controls built into the app. For Photofy users who want to let their creative side run wild, the free form text tool combined with the photo sticker offering allows them to produce their own designs, rather than choose from the app’s pre-designed content library. Let the creative juices run wild!

Photofy looks after all design elements and challenges its users to produce a work of art. For non-creatives, Photofy gives them the tools to bring ordinary photos to life. 

Using Photofy couldn't be easier:

  • Capture a photo, use a photo from your camera roll or online storage site or select one of our stock-art backgrounds
  • Choose one of the thousands of designs or stickers available spanning over 70 different categories
  • Pick a frame, add a filter, resize or add freeform text for a final touch
  • Preview before sharing across social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr and more

“There are many apps out there that allow people to place text over photos, however Photofy goes a step beyond by empowering users to become a professional designer without an art degree.  Users are inspired to turn an everyday photo into a work of art with simple photo enhancing tools that offer a powerful impact when shared,” said Jesse Flores, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Photofy. “What we offer our users is a rich library of professionally created designs, templates and filters that are perfect for any occasion, a new chapter in life or simply an expression of what they’re feeling. We don’t see Photofy as just another app. It is a tool that inspires people to be creative, no matter what their ability is.” 

“We created Photofy because we want to empower people with the ability to produce something that is different, personal and expresses what they’re thinking in a simple and magical way,” expressed Co-Founder and President Jon LaNasa. “Photofy is an opportunity for individuals to better communicate with the people that matter through photos. We happen to think that it’s pretty awesome and we’re confident people will love it.”

Photofy is available for free download on iOS from the App Store and on Android from Google Play. 

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