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Marketing Challenges for Real Estate Associations

Real estate associations often face significant challenges when it comes to marketing and member engagement. Despite having a dedicated team, creating consistent, professional marketing materials can be time-consuming and difficult, especially when trying to ensure that all members adhere to the brand guidelines. Additionally, boosting engagement in association activities and spreading unified messages can be a daunting task.

Inconsistent Branding Across Members

Ensuring that all members maintain a consistent brand image is tough. 

Individual REALTORS® often lack the resources or skills to create on-brand marketing materials, leading to a fragmented and less professional appearance.

Time-Consuming Design Processes

Creating high-quality marketing materials takes time and effort, especially without a dedicated graphic designer. 

Associations and their members need a solution that simplifies the design process without compromising on quality.

Low Engagement in Association Activities

Getting members to participate in meetings, conferences, and committees can be challenging. 

Without engaging and visually appealing promotional content, it’s hard to capture their interest and encourage involvement.

Difficulty in Spreading Unified Messages

Communicating important information and updates to all members in a coherent and unified manner is crucial for the success of any association. 

Disparate messaging can lead to confusion and decreased member participation.

Meet Photofy: Your REALTOR® Marketing Tool

Photofy is a powerful, user-friendly tool designed specifically for real estate associations to streamline and enhance their marketing efforts. With Photofy, associations can ensure consistent branding, simplify the design process, and boost engagement among their members. Let’s explore how Photofy can transform your marketing strategy.

Association Benefits

Asset Management

Associations can upload their logos, colors, and fonts to maintain a consistent brand image across all member-created marketing materials. .

Message Distribution

Quickly distribute on-brand quick shares and templates for event promotions, member spotlights, and important announcements.

Performance Analytics

See which assets are being used the most by your members and which ones are driving the highest engagement.

Centralized Content Library

A centralized library where associations can store all marketing assets and templates, making it easy for members to access and use approved materials.

Member Benefits

Easy Content Creation

Members can quickly create stunning visuals using the templates provided by their association. No graphic design experience needed.

User-Friendly Interface

Photofy is designed with simplicity in mind. Members just select a template, customize the content, and they’re ready to share.

On-Brand Marketing Materials

By using the templates and assets provided by the association, members ensure that all their marketing efforts are on-brand and professional.

Mobile Accessibility

Photofy’s mobile app allows for on-the-go content creation and distribution, making it easier than ever to stay engaged and connected.

How a Customized App Amplified NAR's Reach

At the beginning of 2020, we collaborated with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) to launch a tailored version of the Photofy app. 

This initiative empowered NAR members to personalize and share the “That’s Who We R” campaign assets on social media, providing them with powerful tools to enhance their marketing efforts.

Inspired by this success, several state and local associations have expressed interest in using Photofy to deliver their own locally-produced assets. This capability enables your members to personalize and share your content, amplifying your messages authentically through their social media channels.

By coming directly from your members, these messages achieve far greater reach and engagement than paid advertising. Are you looking for a custom marketing solution for your association? Click here to set up your personalized demo with our team today.

Trusted by Leading Real Estate Associations

Real estate associations nationwide are seeing the benefits of Photofy. From boosting engagement to ensuring consistent branding, our platform is making a real difference. Hear from the professionals who have successfully integrated Photofy into their marketing strategies.

Photofy makes it easy for Ohio’s REALTORS to create appealing marketing materials, stay on-brand, and connect with clients on social media all with a few clicks on their phone. It's simple to use with customizable templates, making marketing properties and themselves a breeze. Ohio’s REALTORS find it incredibly user-friendly and convenient and enjoy it as a member benefit.

Allison Wiley Director of Digital Marketing

More than 4,000 Georgia REALTORS® use Photofy to help augment their marketing efforts. The platform has been very popular among members. Additionally, we are able to spread messaging to our internal audience through Photofy as well.
For instance, we create and upload customizable templates that members use to share for attending our meetings and conferences and participating in our committees, which helps to boost event attendance and committee involvement.
The exposure that Photofy facilitates is an asset to our members' businesses and to us as a marketing tool for association activities.

Brandie Miner Chief Communications Officer

With Photofy's customizable templates, we're able to create engaging visual content that resonates with the members. It's like having a professional graphic designer at your fingertips, making the messaging more compelling.
Photofy's user-friendly interface and versatile templates empower the members to craft visually compelling social media content.

Dan Pemberton Director of Business Technology

Photofy has been a great addition to our marketing efforts. The app allows our members to utilize professional graphics maintained by the association staff.
Realtor® feedback on Photofy has been positive and helps to influence future project planning for our team.

Kevin Juliano Chief Growth Officer
Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®

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