Top 5 Social Media Tips To Jumpstart Your Direct Selling Business

1. Nurture your Community

It’s estimated that the average person scrolls through 300 feet of mobile content every day, or equivalent to the size of the Statue of Liberty, so why not make it worth their while? The quest to gain people’s attention on social media sites is a constant struggle. Making the fight for organic reach harder than ever. However, one thing algorithms can’t beat is the power of organic reach through authentic content. 

Everyone loves to save time and make their work easier. Posting content that offers value and/or a solution is always welcome and well received. As a rule of thumb, ask yourself, does my content seek to inspire, educate, invoke emotion or humor? Try to keep your tips, quotes and education relative to both your business/industry and the time of year. Photos and video are both perfect for this!

2. Leverage Facebook Group Pages for Business

While Facebook business pages are great, nothing beats the power of building exclusive communities. Facebook Group Pages for business are a place for your fans/customers/readers to bond around how much they love you. They are a place for discussion, weird memes, promoting common causes, learning about your product, getting access to exclusive knowledge, or falling in love with someone else who loves the company and products as much as you do…not to mention a space to inspire and hold your community accountable! 

Since Facebook changed its algorithm back in January 2018, the newsfeed has prioritized “posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions”— including posts from Facebook Groups for business. Either way, the focus here is on a loyal, authentic online community.

New to groups? Check out this quick tutorial on how to build and brand your business page using Photofy!

3. Use Social Listening Tools

It’s more than likely that people are already talking about your products, services or community. Especially in the age of social media, most of this is done publicly and on platforms where keywords like your name, product or other touch points are searchable – giving you the opportunity to start relevant conversations and build meaningful relationships. Social listening is an important view into understanding your target audience, your community and ultimately your customers. 

Want to learn more about how to create a social media listening strategy and the tools needed to build your own? Check out this list of tips for more! 

4. Create on-brand, consistent content

At this point we all know the brand Kleenex. But ultimately with thousands of tissue brands on the market, how did Kleenex become a household name? Brand consistency. Defining a look and feel for your brand can make all the difference in how people can come to know and recognize your brand. By using the same logos, icons, fonts, colors and even brand voice or tone, your community will begin to build a relationship with your brand, especially as values align.

Photofy has led the way in branded content for direct selling enterprise companies for the better part of a decade. Making it easy for consultants, distributors and reps alike to utilize and customize branded content to grow their business. Even if your direct selling company is not yet part of our Enterprise roster, our consumer app has a magnitude of solutions to help you build and grow your brand. 

5. Incentivize Engagement

Whether it’s on your Facebook business page, or in your group, games, surveys, contests and referral programs can be a huge hit. Most people are competitive which results in awesome engagement. Not only is this a great way to build your community, but it can open up opportunities to generate leads or sell more products – all while having fun.

Creating this type of engagement is simple and you can use Photofy to create graphics along the way! We’ve linked a few resources below to help get you started:

In all, deploying different social media channels and content mediums can help add some fun into your marketing mix while growing both your community and your sales. Keep in mind that the landscape is constantly changing, especially within the direct selling industry, so it’s important to stay abreast of new treads, tips and techniques.