2024 Social Media Holidays Calendar for Real Estate Agents

Are you ready to elevate your real estate marketing in 2024? Our comprehensive real estate social media calendar will keep you on top of all the important holidays and events. By planning your real estate social media posts around these dates, you can increase engagement and grow your audience. Let’s dive into the key holidays you shouldn’t miss!

The Benefits of Using a Holiday Content Calendar for Real Estate

Creating a holiday content calendar for your real estate social media strategy can bring numerous benefits. By staying
organized and strategic, you can ensure your content is engaging, consistent, and aligned with your audience’s
interests. Let’s look at the key advantages of using a holiday content calendar.

  • Maintaining Consistency in Your Posts:
    Consistency is key to building a reliable online presence. A holiday content calendar helps you plan and schedule posts
    ahead of time, ensuring a steady flow of content throughout the year. This regular posting keeps your audience engaged
    and reinforces your brand’s presence in the market.
  • Balancing Your Content and Sharing Value:
    A well-structured content calendar allows you to mix different types of posts, balancing promotional content with
    valuable information and engaging stories. By planning ahead, you can ensure that your content remains varied and
    interesting, providing value to your audience and preventing your feed from becoming too sales-focused.
  • Boosting Engagement with Timely Content:
    Using a holiday content calendar ensures you never miss out on important dates and events that are relevant to your
    audience. Timely posts about holidays and special occasions can significantly boost engagement, as they resonate with
    your followers and encourage likes, shares, and comments.
  • Aligning Your Content with Your Audience’s Interests:
    Knowing your audience is crucial for effective marketing. A holiday content calendar helps you tailor your posts to
    match the interests and preferences of your audience. By aligning your content with what matters to your followers, you
    can create more meaningful connections and foster a loyal community.

Key Holidays in the 2024 Real Estate Social Media Calendar

Knowing the right holidays can make your real estate marketing efforts more effective. Our real estate social media calendar highlights the key dates you need to mark in your 2024 real estate content calendar. Here are the most important social media holidays for real estate professionals for each month.

May 2024: Optimize Your Real Estate Social Media Content

May is filled with opportunities to celebrate milestones and achievements.

Use Mother’s Day to honor the incredible women who make houses homes. Share stories and testimonials from clients who have found their dream homes with the help of their mothers. Memorial Day is a great time to show appreciation for veterans and their contributions. Share posts that honor their service and highlight homes that cater to their needs.

This month, create content that resonates with personal achievements and the importance of family and community.

Social Media Calendar for May 2024: Real Estate, Direct Sales, Fitness, Franchises, and More from Photofy
Building Safety Month
Share tips on how homeowners can ensure their homes are safe and up to code. Highlight the importance of building inspections and regular maintenance.
#BuildingSafetyMonth #HomeSafety
National Photography Month
Run a photo contest featuring the best home photography in your community. Encourage followers to submit photos of unique architectural features or beautifully designed rooms.
#NationalPhotographyMonth #HomePhotography
Jewish American Heritage Month
Feature properties owned by prominent Jewish Americans or architectural influences from Jewish culture. Share posts about local Jewish heritage sites.
#JewishAmericanHeritageMonth #CulturalHeritage
Family Wellness Month
Share tips for creating a healthier home environment that promotes wellness, from non-toxic materials to creating spaces that encourage physical activity.
#FamilyWellnessMonth #HealthyHome
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Offer advice on how to prepare homes for hurricane season, including emergency kits, insurance tips, and structural reinforcements.
#HurricanePreparednessWeek #StormSafety
May 1-7: Hurricane Preparedness Week
Offer advice on how to prepare homes for hurricane season, including emergency kits, insurance tips, and structural reinforcements.
#HurricanePreparednessWeek #StormSafety
May 2-6: Building Safety Week
Highlight the importance of building safety inspections and share tips for homeowners to ensure their homes are up to code.
#BuildingSafetyWeek #SafeHomes
May 3: National Space Day
Share innovative space-saving solutions in home design or feature homes with observatories or stellar views.
#NationalSpaceDay #SpaceSavingDesign
May 4: Star Wars Day
Feature homes with themed rooms or home cinemas perfect for a Star Wars movie marathon.
#StarWarsDay #MayThe4thBeWithYou
May 5: World Laughter Day
Post a light-hearted, funny real estate story or joke, and invite followers to share their own humorous home buying or selling experiences.
#WorldLaughterDay #RealEstateHumor
May 5: Cinco de Mayo
Share vibrant images of properties perfect for hosting a festive Cinco de Mayo celebration. Suggest local events or decorations to enhance the festivities.
#CincoDeMayo #FiestaReadyHomes
May 6-12: National Nurses Week
Feature properties with relaxation areas perfect for hardworking nurses to unwind.
#NationalNursesWeek #ThankANurse
May 6-10: Teacher Appreciation Week
Showcase teacher-friendly home features and communities with excellent educational resources.
#TeacherAppreciationWeek #ThankYouTeachers
May 7: National Tourism Day
Showcase popular tourist attractions in your area and feature nearby homes for those looking to move closer to these attractions.
#NationalTourismDay #ExploreLocal
May 9: National Moscato Day
Suggest the best patios or home bars to enjoy a glass of Moscato, paired with local buying options.
#NationalMoscatoDay #WineLovers
May 10: National Golf Day
Feature homes on golf courses and spotlight local golf-related small businesses.
#NationalGolfDay #GolfHomes
May 10: National Small Business Day
Promote your real estate brand's services or feature local small businesses in the community.
#NationalSmallBusinessDay #SupportLocal
May 11: World Fair Trade Day
Promote local fair trade businesses and feature properties that exemplify sustainable living.
#WorldFairTradeDay #SustainableHomes
May 11: Twilight Zone Day
Create a "Twilight Zone"-themed mystery post about a unique listing or real estate story.
#TwilightZoneDay #MysteryHomes
May 12: Mother's Day
Share heartwarming stories from mothers about finding their perfect family home.
#MothersDay #HomeSweetHome
May 12-18: National Police Week
Thank local law enforcement and feature homes with special amenities for these professionals.
#NationalPoliceWeek #ThankYouOfficers
May 12: International Nurses Day
Thank the nurses in your community
#InternationalNursesDay #NurseAppreciation
May 15: International Family Day
Showcase family-friendly properties and community events that bring families together.
#InternationalFamilyDay #FamilyFriendlyHomes
May 16: National Mimosa Day
Feature luxury homes perfect for hosting brunches with delicious mimosas.
#NationalMimosaDay #BrunchHomes
May 16: National BBQ Day
Highlight homes with great outdoor spaces perfect for barbecuing, and share your favorite BBQ recipes or local BBQ spots.
#NationalBBQDay #BackyardBBQ
May 17: National Pizza Party Day
Share the best local spots for pizza and homes in neighborhoods known for great cuisine.
#NationalPizzaPartyDay #PizzaLovers
May 17: National Bike to Work Day
Highlight bike-friendly communities and homes with easy access to city centers or bike paths.
#BiketoWorkDay #EcoFriendlyLiving
May 18: Armed Forces Day
Honor military families with special property listings that meet their unique needs.
#ArmedForcesDay #MilitaryHomes
May 18: World Whiskey Day
Suggest homes with custom bars or cellars ideal for whiskey aficionados.
#WorldWhiskeyDay #WhiskeyLovers
May 19: World Baking Day
Share recipes and feature kitchens that are a baker’s dream.
#WorldBakingDay #DreamKitchens
May 20: National Rescue Dog Day
Feature pet-friendly homes and tips for creating a welcoming space for rescue animals.
#NationalRescueDogDay #PetFriendlyHomes
May 20: World Bee Day
Discuss the importance of bee-friendly gardens and feature homes with pollinator gardens.
#WorldBeeDay #EcoHomes
May 24: National Road Trip Day
Share great starting points for road trips and feature homes in scenic areas.
#NationalRoadTripDay #ScenicHomes
May 25: National Wine Day
Highlight homes with wine cellars or in proximity to vineyards.
#NationalWineDay #WineCountryHomes
May 26: National Paper Airplane Day
Have some fun with a paper airplane contest from the office or a client’s new home.
#NationalPaperAirplaneDay #FunAtHome
May 27: Memorial Day
Honor veterans and active military by highlighting special services or property discounts.
#MemorialDay #HonorAndRemember
May 28: National Hamburger Day
Share the best local burger joints near your prime listings.
#NationalHamburgerDay #LocalEats
May 30: National Creativity Day
Encourage followers to share creative home decor ideas or DIY projects.
#NationalCreativityDay #HomeDIY
May 31: National Smile Day
Share a feel-good story or testimonial from a happy client.
#NationalSmileDay #HappyClients

June: Strategic Real Estate Marketing Dates

June marks the beginning of summer, a prime time for the real estate market.

Celebrate National Homeownership Month by sharing success stories and tips for first-time homebuyers. Use Father’s Day to highlight the role of fathers in creating happy homes. Share engaging content about family activities and how homes can accommodate growing families. Leverage the excitement of summer with posts about outdoor spaces, gardens, and summer-ready homes.

This month, focus on content that celebrates the joys of homeownership and the vibrancy of summer living.

National Safety Month
Highlight safety tips for home buyers and sellers.
#NationalSafetyMonth #RealEstateSafety
Pride Month
Show support and inclusivity in your listings and community.
#PrideMonth #InclusiveRealEstate
National Homeownership Month
Offer tips for first-time homebuyers through a series of informative posts.
#HomeownershipMonth #FirstTimeBuyerTips
National Camping Month
Post about nearby natural attractions and outdoor activities around your listings.
#CampingMonth #OutdoorAdventures
June 1-7: Volunteers' Week
Feature employees’ volunteer efforts within the community.
#VolunteersWeek #GivingBack
June 1: Say Something Nice Day
Share a heartfelt testimonial from a client or leave a positive note about a colleague. Encourage followers to say something nice about their neighborhood.
#SaySomethingNiceDay #SpreadKindness
June 2-8: National Garden Week
Host a tour of homes with standout gardens, include gardening tips.
#NationalGardenWeek #GardenHomes
June 4: National Cheese Day
Create a post about the best kitchens for entertaining.
#NationalCheeseDay #GourmetKitchens
June 5: World Environment Day
Promote eco-friendly homes and green living tips.
#WorldEnvironmentDay #EcoFriendlyHomes
June 5: Global Running Day
Showcase homes with proximity to parks and trails.
#GlobalRunningDay #ActiveLiving
June 7: National Donut Day
Fun post about local donut shops and near your listings.
#NationalDonutDay #SweetHome
June 8: National Best Friends Day
Encourage referrals by asking clients to tag a friend.
#BestFriendsDay #ReferAFriend
June 10: National Iced Tea Day
Share your favorite iced tea recipes perfect for summer home entertaining.
#NationalIcedTeaDay #SummerSips
June 10-16: National Email Week
Offer tips for writing effective real estate emails, such as newsletters or client updates. Share a sample of a well-crafted real estate email.
#NationalEmailWeek #EmailMarketing
June 11: Say Hi Day
Engage with your community by encouraging followers to say hi and introduce themselves in the comments. Share a friendly greeting video from your team.
#SayHiDay #CommunityConnection
June 13-19: National Nursing Assistants Week
Profile nursing assistants in your community, discuss their housing needs.
#NursingAssistantsWeek #ThankYou
June 13: National Weed Your Garden Day
Share gardening tips or feature homes with beautiful gardens. Offer advice on maintaining a weed-free garden to enhance curb appeal.
#WeedYourGardenDay #GardeningTips
June 14: US Flag Day
Display homes decorated with patriotic themes.
#FlagDay #PatrioticHomes
June 15: Nature Photography Day
Share stunning property photos highlighting natural beauty.
#NaturePhotographyDay #ScenicRealEstate
June 16: Father's Day
Feature personal stories from dads in the community about their ideal home features.
#FathersDay #DadsDreamHome
June 17: National Eat Your Vegetables Day
Feature kitchens perfect for preparing healthy meals.
#EatYourVegetablesDay #HealthyLiving
June 18: International Sushi Day
Share your top sushi restaurants in the area and get suggestions from locals
#InternationalSushiDay #Sushi(LocaleName)
June 18: International Picnic Day
Share the best local spots for a picnic, linking to nearby listings.
#InternationalPicnicDay #PerfectPicnicSpots
June 19: Juneteenth
Educate followers on the historical significance of Juneteenth with stories from the community.
#Juneteenth #FreedomDay
June 20: June Solstice
Share some tips for preparing your home for a new season
#SummerSolstice #LongestDay #WinterSolstice #ShortestDay
June 21: National Take Your Dog to Work Day
Post photos of your team's pets in the office or in their favorite corner of their home.
#TakeYourDogToWorkDay #PetsOfRealEstate
June 21: National Selfie Day
Encourage clients to share selfies from their new homes. Share your own selfie to show a personal side.
#NationalSelfieDay #NewHomeSelfie
June 21: International Yoga Day
Feature homes with peaceful spaces for yoga and meditation.
#InternationalYogaDay #ZenHomes
June 28: National Insurance Awareness Day
Offer tips on choosing the best home insurance.
#InsuranceAwarenessDay #SafeHomes
June 29: National Camera Day
Invite clients to photograph their dream homes.
#NationalCameraDay #DreamHomeSnaps
June 30: National Work From Home Day
Share insights on creating the ideal home office space.
#WorkFromHomeDay #HomeOfficeDesign
June 30: Social Media Day
Discuss the evolution of real estate marketing on social media.
#SocialMediaDay #RealEstateMarketing

July: Engage Your Audience with Real Estate Social Media

July brings the heat, but for real estate agents, it’s also a month brimming with opportunities to connect with potential clients! From sizzling summer activities to heartwarming family moments, July offers a fantastic chance to weave social media trends and holidays into your content strategy.

Think beyond fireworks and spark up creative conversations with themes like National Picnic Month and National Ice Cream Day. Showcase properties that cater to families with National Parents’ Day and National Soccer Day. This July, dive into these engaging social media ideas for real estate agents and watch your brand awareness and lead generation flourish!

Family Golf Month
Showcase homes near local country clubs and golf courses.
#FamilyGolfMonth #GolfRealEstate
National Picnic Month
List top picnic spots and tips for packing the perfect picnic.
#NationalPicnicMonth #PicnicSpots
National Fishing Month
Feature properties near prime fishing locations.
#NationalFishingMonth #FishingSpots
National Grilling Month
Highlight homes with impressive outdoor dining and grilling areas.
#NationalGrillingMonth #GrillAndChill
South Asian Heritage Month
Share cultural events and South Asian community features within your area.
#SouthAsianHeritageMonth #CulturalDiversity
July 1: Canada Day
Post about celebrating Canada Day, feature Canadian-themed home decor.
#CanadaDay #CelebrateCanada
July 3: National Stay Out of the Sun Day
Offer tips on creating shaded, cool areas in and around the home.
#StayOutOfTheSunDay #CoolHomes
July 4: Independence Day
Share how to host the perfect Fourth of July party in your home listings.
#IndependenceDay #July4th
July 8: National Video Game Day
Feature homes with dedicated gaming rooms or setups.
#NationalVideoGameDay #GamerHomes
July 14: National Mac and Cheese Day
Post about local spots to get the best mac and cheese or share a recipe.
#NationalMacAndCheeseDay #ComfortFood
July 15: National Pet Fire Safety Day
Tips on making homes safer for pets, especially regarding fire safety.
#PetFireSafetyDay #SafePets
July 17: World Emoji Day
Ask followers to describe their dream home using only emojis.
#WorldEmojiDay #EmojiHome
July 18: World Listening Day
Share client testimonials highlighting how you've met their specific needs.
#WorldListeningDay #ClientTestimonials
July 21-28: Shark Week
Show homes with great entertainment areas for watching TV events like Shark Week.
#SharkWeek #HomeTheater
July 21: National Ice Cream Day
Share your favorite ice cream flavor; engage followers by asking theirs.
#NationalIceCreamDay #IceCreamPoll
July 24: International Self Care Day
Highlight home features that promote relaxation and self-care.
#InternationalSelfCareDay #RelaxingHomes
July 28: National Parents’ Day
Showcase family-friendly neighborhoods and community features.
#NationalParentsDay #FamilyFriendly
July 28: National Soccer Day
Post about local soccer facilities and community teams.
#NationalSoccerDay #SoccerCommunity
July 31: National Avocado Day
Share your favorite avocado recipes or feature kitchens perfect for foodies.
#NationalAvocadoDay #FoodieHomes

August: Plan Your Real Estate Social Media Posts

August ushers in the tail-end of summer, but for real estate agents, it’s prime time to capitalize on the season’s energy and exciting back-to-school buzz! This month provides a unique blend of themes to craft engaging social media content that resonates with your audience.

Target potential homebuyers with National Wellness Month and Back to School Month, showcasing properties that cater to healthy living and families with school-aged children. Celebrate National Beer Day by featuring homes with great entertainment areas, perfect for hosting gatherings. Don’t forget to leverage lighter themes like National Cat Day and National Dog Day – these lighthearted holidays are sure to garner engagement with adorable pet-friendly home features.

As summer winds down, capitalize on National Relaxation Day and National Senior Citizens Day to showcase properties that cater to these demographics. Wrap up the month with a celebratory bang! Promote beachfront properties on National Beach Day and ignite some friendly competition with College Colors Day.

Get set to generate leads and boost brand awareness with these creative social media ideas for real estate agents in August!

National Golf Month
Showcase properties near local golf courses and country clubs.
#NationalGolfMonth #GolfLifeRealEstate
National Wellness Month
Share tips for creating healthy routines and spaces at home.
#NationalWellnessMonth #HealthyHome
Back to School Month
Highlight local schools and tips for preparing kids for returning to school.
#BackToSchoolMonth #SchoolReadyHomes
Family Fun Month
Share family-friendly home features and activities in the community. Highlight parks, events, and homes with great family spaces.
#FamilyFunMonth #FamilyFriendlyHomes
August 1: National Planner Day
Behind-the-scenes look at how you plan an open house.
#NationalPlannerDay #OpenHousePrep
August 2: International Beer Day
Feature local breweries and homes with great entertainment areas.
#InternationalBeerDay #BreweryHomes
August 5: Blogger Day
Promote a recent helpful post from your real estate blog.
#BloggerDay #RealEstateTips
August 8: International Cat Day
Post cat-friendly home features or share pictures of your cat.
#InternationalCatDay #CatFriendlyHomes
August 9: National Book Lovers Day
Share what you’re currently reading or your favorite book.
#NationalBookLoversDay #ReadingNook
August 10: National Bowling Day
Highlight local bowling alleys and nearby properties.
#NationalBowlingDay #BowlingCommunity
August 10: Garage Sale Day
Offer tips on organizing a successful garage sale to declutter before moving. Share advice on pricing items and advertising the sale.
#GarageSaleDay #MovingTips
August 14: National Financial Awareness Day
Offer financial tips for homebuyers and homeowners.
#FinancialAwarenessDay #SmartSpending
August 15: National Relaxation Day
Highlight homes with features that promote relaxation.
#NationalRelaxationDay #RelaxingHomes
August 19: World Photo Day
Invite followers to share photos of their homes or favorite home features.
#WorldPhotoDay #HomePhotography
August 19: National Photography Day
Provide real estate photography tips, such as the best times of day for shooting and how to stage homes for photos. Highlight the importance of professional photos in real estate listings.
#NationalPhotographyDay #RealEstatePhotography
August 21: National Senior Citizens Day
Share home buying or selling tips for seniors.
#NationalSeniorCitizensDay #SeniorLiving
August 26: National Dog Day
Post dog-friendly home features or share pictures of your dog.
#NationalDogDay #DogFriendlyHomes
August 30: College Colors Day
Celebrate your alma mater, show your college colors at home.
#CollegeColorsDay #AlmaMaterPride
August 30: National Beach Day
Promote beachfront properties or highlight local beach destinations
#NationalBeachDay #BeachfrontProperties

September: Strengthen Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

September brings a crisp autumn breeze and a calendar brimming with opportunities for real estate agents! Celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures in your community with Hispanic Heritage Month. Leverage National Preparedness Month to offer valuable tips on keeping homes safe during emergencies. As summer fades, acknowledge Labor Day with a nostalgic post or Labor Day entertaining ideas at home.

Get ready to engage your audience with a variety of themes throughout September. From National Cheese Pizza Day to National Read a Book Day, use these lighthearted holidays to spark conversation and showcase your personality. Embrace the spirit of community with Grandparents Day by featuring homes perfect for multigenerational living. Capitalize on National Cheeseburger Day and International Chocolate Day to share local favorites and sweet treats. Don’t miss the festive spirit of Oktoberfest – promote local events and feature properties with spacious entertaining areas. Keep reading for more September social media ideas perfect for real estate agents!

Hispanic Heritage Month
Celebrate and share stories from the Hispanic community in your area.
#HispanicHeritageMonth #CulturalDiversity
National Preparedness Month
Tips on preparing homes for emergencies, such as natural disasters.
#NationalPreparednessMonth #HomeSafety
Global Company Culture Month
Share what you love about your broker, office, or brand. Highlight company values, team events, and what makes your workplace special.
#CompanyCultureMonth #LoveMyJob
September 2: Labor Day
As summer ends, share your top moments of the season, or share ideas for celebrating at home.
#LaborDay #RelaxAtHome
September 5: National Cheese Pizza Day
Share your favorite local pizza places.
#NationalCheesePizzaDay #LocalEats
September 6: National Read a Book Day
Suggest a book and invite followers to share their recommendations.
#ReadABookDay #BookRecommendations
September 7: International Day of Clean Air
Discuss air purification and proper ventilation in homes.
#DayOfCleanAir #HealthyHome
September 8: Grandparents Day
Feature homes with extra living spaces or in-law suites for multigenerational living.
#GrandparentsDay #FamilyHomes
September 8: Star Trek Day
Post a fun take on interior designs inspired by the Starship Enterprise.
#StarTrekDay #SciFiStyle
September 9: Emergency Services Day
Thank local emergency services and feature homes in well-protected areas.
#EmergencyServicesDay #SafeCommunities
September 12: National Day of Encouragement
Recognize a fellow real estate professional for their hard work and dedication.
#DayOfEncouragement #RealEstatePros
September 13: International Chocolate Day
Share your favorite chocolate treat or local chocolate shop.
#InternationalChocolateDay #SweetTreats
September 16: Mexican Independence Day
Celebrate by highlighting local Mexican cultural events, restaurants, and community contributions. Share the history and significance of the day.
#MexicanIndependenceDay #CelebrateCulture
September 18: National Cheeseburger Day
Discuss the best local spots for a cheeseburger near prime real estate locations.
#NationalCheeseburgerDay #LocalFlavor
September 21: Miniature Golf Day
Highlight a great local mini-golf course and nearby homes for sale.
#MiniatureGolfDay #FunLocalSpots
September 21-October 6: Oktoberfest
Share local Oktoberfest events and feature properties with great spaces for hosting gatherings.
#Oktoberfest #FallFestivities
September 22: American Business Women’s Day
Share your journey as a businesswoman in real estate or spotlight influential women in your network.
#AmericanBusinessWomensDay #WomenInBusiness
September 22: September Equinox
Provide tips on preparing homes for the new season. Discuss seasonal maintenance tasks, decor changes, and energy-saving tips for the fall or spring.
#SeptemberEquinox #SeasonalPrep
September 23: National Family Day
Discuss home features perfect for family activities and gatherings.
#NationalFamilyDay #FamilyFriendlyHomes
September 25: National Comic Book Day
Share your favorite comic book character and how they inspire you. Connect their qualities to your work in real estate or community involvement.
#ComicBookDay #Inspiration
September 27: World Tourism Day
Highlight tourist attractions and vacation properties in your area.
#WorldTourismDay #Visit[YourArea]
September 28: National Good Neighbor Day
Share a testimonial highlighting your role as a helpful neighbor or real estate expert.
#GoodNeighborDay #TrustedAgent

October: Effective Real Estate Social Media Campaigns

October arrives with a cool breeze and a vibrant calendar for real estate agents! Raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by sharing stories of hope and resilience. Capitalize on Emotional Wellness Month by offering tips on creating a serene and stress-free home environment. As financial planning takes center stage, provide valuable advice on home financing and budgeting for potential buyers throughout Financial Planning Month.

Leverage October’s diverse holidays to connect with your audience. From National Coffee Day to National Taco Day, use these lighthearted themes to spark conversation and showcase your personality. Promote local businesses and events while highlighting properties that cater to specific needs. Keep reading for more October social media ideas perfect for real estate agents!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Share stories of hope and resilience.
Emotional Wellness Month
Post tips on creating a serene and stress-free home environment.
#EmotionalWellnessMonth #PeacefulHome
Financial Planning Month
Offer advice on home financing and budgeting for potential buyers.
#FinancialPlanningMonth #SmartBuying
October 1-7: National Walk Your Dog Week
Highlight dog-friendly communities and parks.
#WalkYourDogWeek #DogFriendly
October 1: International Coffee Day
Invite followers to a local coffee shop to discuss their home buying needs or share coffee at home tips.
#NationalCoffeeDay #CoffeeAndHomes
October 4: World Habitat Day
Discuss sustainable housing practices and eco-friendly homes.
#WorldHabitatDay #EcoHomes
October 4: World Smile Day
Share a happy client story or testimonial that brought a smile.
#WorldSmileDay #ClientHappiness
October 4: National Taco Day
Recommend the best local taco spots near top listings.
#NationalTacoDay #TacoTour
October 5: World Teachers' Day
Feature homes in top school districts or recognize great teachers.
#WorldTeachersDay #EducatorHomes
October 5: World Card Making Day
Create and send a custom thank you card to clients using Photofy.
#WorldCardMakingDay #ClientAppreciation
October 6-12: National Physician Assistant Week
Acknowledge and thank physician assistants in your community, highlight homes near medical facilities.
#PhysicianAssistantWeek #HealthcareHomes
October 7: World Architecture Day
Highlight unique architectural features of listings.
#WorldArchitectureDay #StunningHomes
October 10: World Mental Health Day
Discuss the importance of a comforting home environment for mental health.
#WorldMentalHealthDay #HealthyLiving
October 14-20: National Baking Week
Feature homes with dream kitchens for baking enthusiasts.
#NationalBakingWeek #BakerDreamHome
October 14: Indigenous Peoples' Day
Share information or stories about local indigenous heritage and communities.
#IndigenousPeoplesDay #CulturalHeritage
October 14: Thanksgiving (CA)
Share what you’re thankful for this year, perhaps highlighting a client story or personal milestone.
#Thanksgiving #ThankfulForYou
October 17: National Pasta Day
Share a favorite pasta recipe or feature a kitchen great for cooking.
#NationalPastaDay #GourmetKitchens
October 17: National Get Smart About Credit Day
Provide tips on improving credit scores for a home purchase.
#GetSmartAboutCredit #FinancialTips
October 20-26: National Retirement Security Week
Discuss home options and financial tips for retirees.
#RetirementSecurityWeek #RetireeLiving
October 21-25: National Parenting Week
Share tips for child-friendly homes and neighborhoods.
#NationalParentingWeek #FamilyFriendlyHomes
October 21: ​Back to the Future Day
Have fun with futuristic home tech or retro design trends.
#BackToTheFutureDay #FutureHome
October 26: National Pumpkin Day
Post about local pumpkin patches or best ways to decorate homes with pumpkins.
#NationalPumpkinDay #FallDecor
October 26: National Heroes’ Day
Honor local heroes by sharing their stories or featuring homes fit for a hero.
#NationalHeroesDay #HeroHomes
October 27: ​National Mentoring Day
Discuss the value of mentorship in real estate, share your mentoring story.
#NationalMentoringDay #Mentorship
October 28: ​National First Responders Day
Highlight homes with features prized by first responders or thank local first responders.
#NationalFirstRespondersDay #ThankYouHeroes
October 30: National Checklist Day
Provide a checklist for home buyers or sellers to stay organized.
#NationalChecklistDay #RealEstateTips
October 31: Halloween
Showcase homes with spooky decor or community Halloween events.
#Halloween #HauntedHouses
October 31: Diwali
Celebrate Diwali by sharing how to light up homes with festive decor.
#Diwali #FestivalOfLights

November: Boost Your Real Estate Engagement

November ushers in a season of gratitude and cheer, offering real estate agents a treasure trove of themes to craft engaging social media content!

Express appreciation for your community throughout National Gratitude Month, encouraging followers to share what they’re thankful for. Support our nation’s heroes by highlighting homes perfect for military families during Military Family Month. Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit with National Entrepreneurship Month, featuring local business owners and their workspaces.

As fall settles in, leverage lighter themes like National Nacho Day and National Happy Hour Day to spark conversation and showcase your personality. Promote local businesses and events while highlighting properties with great features. Keep readingfor more November social media ideas for real estate agents!

National Gratitude Month
Share what you’re grateful for in your community, encourage followers to do the same.
#NationalGratitudeMonth #GratefulHeart
Military Family Month
Highlight homes and communities that are ideal for military families.
#MilitaryFamilyMonth #SupportOurTroops
National Entrepreneurship Month
Feature stories of local entrepreneurs and their workspaces.
#NationalEntrepreneurshipMonth #StartupLife
November 3: Daylight Savings Ends
Reminder to set clocks back and tips for maximizing morning light.
#DaylightSavings #FallBack
November 6: National Nacho Day
Share your favorite nacho recipe or local nacho spots.
#NationalNachoDay #NachoAverageListing
November 6: National Stress Awareness Day
Discuss how your services can help reduce home buying/selling stress.
#StressAwarenessDay #StressFreeRealEstate
November 8: World Town Planning Day
Talk about the importance of urban planning and its impact on property values.
#WorldTownPlanningDay #UrbanPlanning
November 11: Veterans Day
Thank veterans in your community and highlight veteran benefits in real estate.
#VeteransDay #HomesForHeroes
November 11-17: National Recycling Week
Focus on recycling initiatives within the community, feature sustainable homes.
#RecyclingWeek #SustainableLiving
November 11-17: World Kindness Week
Initiate a campaign or challenge encouraging acts of kindness related to housing or community support.
#WorldKindnessWeek #ActOfKindness
November 12: National Happy Hour Day
Promote a local happy hour event or feature a home with a great entertainment setup.
#NationalHappyHourDay #Cheers
November 12-20: Get Outdoors Week
Encourage followers to explore the outdoors and showcase properties with great outdoor amenities.
#GetOutdoorsWeek #NatureLovers
November 13: World Kindness Day
Share a story of kindness you’ve experienced or observed in the real estate industry.
#WorldKindnessDay #KindnessMatters
November 15: National Recycling Day
Offer tips on recycling and eco-friendly living in homes.
#NationalRecyclingDay #EcoFriendlyHomes
November 17: National Hiking Day
Share local hiking spots and nearby properties.
#NationalHikingDay #TrailsideHomes
November 20: Universal Children’s Day
Discuss ways to support local children's charities or feature child-friendly home designs.
#UniversalChildrensDay #ChildFriendlyHomes
November 21: Use Less Stuff Day
Highlight minimalist decorating trends and efficient home designs.
#UseLessStuffDay #MinimalistHomes
November 22: Housing Day
Highlight local efforts to improve housing affordability and accessibility.
#HousingDay #AffordableHomes
November 27-December 5: National Tree Week
Talk about the importance of trees in urban planning and properties with notable greenery.
#NationalTreeWeek #GreenLiving
November 28: Thanksgiving (US)
Share what you’re thankful for this year, perhaps highlighting a client story or personal milestone.
#Thanksgiving #ThankfulForYou
November 29: Throw Out Your Leftovers Day
Share clever ways to use or donate Thanksgiving leftovers.
#ThrowOutYourLeftoversDay #WasteNot
November 29: Black Friday
Share Black Friday deals relevant to homeowners or your real estate business.
#BlackFriday #HomeDeals
November 30: National Mason Jar Day
Show off creative uses for mason jars in home decor and organization.
#NationalMasonJarDay #HomeHacks
November 30: Small Business Saturday
Spotlight local small businesses, encouraging support from the community.
#SmallBusinessSaturday #ShopLocal

December: Wrap Up Your Real Estate Marketing Year

December bursts onto the scene with a flurry of festive cheer and opportunities for real estate agents to connect with their audience! Kick off the season of giving with a campaign to support a local charity. Embrace the holiday spirit with National Christmas Lights Day and National Pastry Day – perfect opportunities to showcase festively decorated listings and promote local businesses.

Highlight your philanthropic side on Giving Tuesday and National App Day by promoting your real estate app or useful tools for home buyers and sellers. Lighthearted themes like National Ugly Sweater Day and National Cookie Exchange Day are sure to spark engagement, while December’s observances like Hanukkah and Kwanzaa allow you to celebrate the cultural richness of your community. Wrap up the year by expressing gratitude to clients and wishing everyone a joyful New Year! This December social media strategy will help you connect with your audience, spread holiday cheer, and solidify your position as a trusted advisor.

Month of Giving
Kick off a campaign to support a local charity through your business or community efforts.
#MonthOfGiving #CommunitySupport
December 1: National Christmas Lights Day
Feature homes with the best holiday lights or tips for decorating with lights.
#ChristmasLightsDay #FestiveHomes
December 2: Cyber Monday
Highlight online deals or promotions related to home buying or selling.
#CyberMonday #RealEstateDeals
December 2: World Computer Literacy Day
Share tips on enhancing computer skills that can help in home buying or selling.
#ComputerLiteracyDay #TechSavvy
December 3: Giving Tuesday
Promote a charity event or spotlight how your business gives back to the community.
#GivingTuesday #RealEstateGivesBack
December 4: Santa’s List Day
Engage followers by asking what features are on their perfect home wishlist.
#SantasListDay #HomeWishlist
December 5: International Volunteer Day
Share stories or photos from local volunteering efforts by your team.
#InternationalVolunteerDay #GivingBack
December 9: National Pastry Day
Share your favorite pastry or highlight a local bakery.
#NationalPastryDay #SweetTreats
December 11: National App Day
Promote your real estate app or apps that simplify house hunting.
#NationalAppDay #RealEstateTech
December 12: Gingerbread House Day
Create a fun post comparing gingerbread houses to real homes' features.
#GingerbreadHouseDay #HomeSweetHome
December 14: National Energy Conservation Day
Offer tips on conserving energy in homes during the winter season.
#EnergyConservationDay #EcoFriendlyHomes
December 20: National Ugly Sweater Day
Share a photo of your team in ugly sweaters and invite followers to share theirs.
#UglySweaterDay #HolidayFun
December 21: December Solstice
Tips on preparing homes for the new season, whether winter or summer based on hemisphere.
#WinterSolstice #SummerSolstice
December 22: National Cookie Exchange Day
Host a virtual cookie exchange, sharing recipes and home-baked photos.
#CookieExchangeDay #HolidayTreats
December 24: Christmas Eve
Share a holiday message or story from your team or community.
#ChristmasEve #HolidayCheer
December 25: Christmas
Post a festive greeting or a showcase of community holiday events.
#Christmas #MerryChristmas
December 25-January 2: Hannukah
Highlight the Festival of Lights through home decoration tips or local events.
#Hanukkah #FestivalOfLights
December 26: National Thank You Note Day
Share a creative thank you note made in Photofy for clients and partners.
#ThankYouNoteDay #ClientAppreciation
December 26-January 1: Kwanzaa
Celebrate the principles of Kwanzaa and share how they can be reflected in community and home life.
#Kwanzaa #UnityCommunity
December 26: National Homeowners Day
Offer advice for new homeowners or celebrate recent clients who purchased homes.
#NationalHomeownersDay #HomeownerPride
December 31: New Year's Eve
Share a year-end recap or a New Year’s Eve message looking forward to new beginnings.
#NewYearsEve #Celebrate2021

January: Kickstart Your Real Estate Social Media Strategy

Celebrate the beginning of 2025 by connecting with your audience through meaningful social media holidays. Start with New Year’s Day, focusing on new beginnings and fresh starts.

Share inspiring content that resonates with people setting new goals. Follow up with National Technology Day to showcase the latest tech trends in real estate. Use visuals and interactive posts to highlight how technology can make home buying easier.

January is the perfect month to lay the groundwork for your real estate social media strategy. Use our free real estate social media calendar to plan engaging content that resonates with your audience.

National Hobby Month
Share your hobbies and how they help you connect with clients. Encourage followers to share their hobbies and how their homes support them.
#NationalHobbyMonth #HomeHobbies
National Mentoring Month
Share ways to be a good mentor and recognize the importance of mentoring.
#MentoringMonth #BeAGoodMentor
January 1: New Year's Day
Share your New Year's resolutions and goals for the year. Highlight new listings and market trends to watch in the coming year.
#NewYearsDay #NewBeginnings
January 2: Motivation and Inspiration Day
Share a motivational quote to inspire your followers.
#MotivationDay #Inspiration
January 4: National Trivia Day
Share fun trivia about your local real estate market or interesting facts about homes and architecture. Engage followers with a trivia quiz.
#NationalTriviaDay #RealEstateTrivia
January 10: Houseplant Appreciation Day
Highlight homes with great natural light perfect for houseplants. Share tips on caring for indoor plants.
#HouseplantAppreciationDay #GreenHomes
January 11: International Thank-You Day
Post a thank-you message to your clients, team, and community. Share stories of appreciation and gratitude.
#ThankYouDay #Gratitude
January 12-18: Universal Letter Writing Week
Encourage followers to write a heartfelt letter to someone special. Share a story about how a personal letter made a difference in your life or career.
#LetterWritingWeek #HeartfeltConnections
January 12: Work Harder Day
Share how you go the extra mile for your clients. Highlight the hard work and dedication of your team.
#WorkHarderDay #RealEstateHustle
January 13: National Sticker Day
Play around with the stickers in Photofy to make a unique, eye-catching post. Create a fun design that showcases your brand or a special listing.
#NationalStickerDay #CreativeMarketing
January 13: National Clean Your Desk Day
Share tips on keeping a tidy and organized workspace. Post before and after pictures of your desk or office.
#CleanYourDeskDay #OrganizedOffice
January 14: Organize Your Home Day
Provide tips on decluttering and organizing different areas of the home. Highlight listings with great storage solutions.
#OrganizeYourHomeDay #Declutter
January 20: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Share a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. and reflect on how his legacy inspires your work and community involvement.
#MLKDay #Inspiration
January 21: Thank Your Mentor Day
Post a heartfelt thank you to a mentor who has guided you in your career. Encourage followers to do the same.
#ThankYourMentorDay #Gratitude
January 21: Own Your Own Home Day
Share tips on how to achieve homeownership and highlight success stories from first-time buyers.
#OwnYourHomeDay #HomeOwnership
January 24: National Compliment Day
Share compliments about your clients, team, and community. Invite followers to share positive comments and spread kindness.
#ComplimentDay #SpreadKindness
January 25: Opposite Day
Have fun with Opposite Day by posting a humorous opposite-themed real estate post, like a tiny home with "giant" features.
#OppositeDay #FunAtWork
January 26: Australia Day
Celebrate Australia Day by highlighting Australian architectural styles or sharing stories of Australian clients.
#AustraliaDay #CelebrateCulture
January 27: Better Business Communication Day
Share tips on effective communication in real estate, whether it's with clients, team members, or partners.
#BusinessCommunicationDay #EffectiveCommunication
January 28: Lego Day
Post a fun picture of a Lego house with great home features. Discuss the creativity and planning that goes into building a dream home.
#LegoDay #CreativeHomes
January 29: Chinese New Year
Share the significance of Chinese New Year and how different cultural celebrations can be enjoyed in various homes.
#ChineseNewYear #CulturalCelebrations
January 31: National Fun at Work Day
Showcase a fun day at the office or a team-building activity. Highlight how a positive work environment benefits clients and staff.
#FunAtWorkDay #TeamBuilding
January 31: National Hot Chocolate Day
Share a cozy hot cocoa recipe
#HotChocolateDay #CozyRecipes

February: Boost Your Real Estate Marketing with Key Dates

February is all about relationships and community engagement. Use Valentine’s Day to create posts that celebrate the love for home and family.

Share stories from happy clients and their journey to finding their dream homes. Leverage Random Acts of Kindness Day to promote community involvement and showcase your commitment to giving back. Encourage your audience to share their acts of kindness and how they contribute to their neighborhoods.

February offers numerous opportunities for real estate marketing. Our real estate social media calendar includes dates that can help you connect with your audience in meaningful ways. This month, focus on creating content that builds trust and fosters a sense of community.

National Haiku Writing Month
Write a fun haiku about the perfect home and encourage followers to share their own haikus about what home means to them.
#HaikuWritingMonth #HomeHaiku
American Heart Month
Post tips on creating a heart-healthy home environment and share healthy recipes or activities.
#AmericanHeartMonth #HealthyLiving
International Friendship Month
Share stories of clients who became friends or highlight community events that bring neighbors together.
#FriendshipMonth #CommunityConnections
Black History Month
Celebrate Black History Month by highlighting influential Black architects, designers, or homeowners in your area. Share their stories and contributions.
#BlackHistoryMonth #CelebrateBlackHistory
February 2: Groundhog Day
Make a fun prediction about the real estate market in your area, using the groundhog theme.
#GroundhogDay #MarketPrediction
February 3-9: International Networking Week
Share tips on effective networking for real estate professionals and highlight upcoming networking events.
#NetworkingWeek #RealEstateNetworking
February 4: National Homemade Soup Day
Share your favorite homemade soup recipe and suggest cozy kitchen features for making comfort food.
#HomemadeSoupDay #CozyKitchens
February 8: Global Movie Day
Highlight homes with amazing home theaters or cozy living rooms perfect for a movie night. Share your favorite movie-watching tips.
#GlobalMovieDay #HomeTheater
February 9: National Pizza Day
Highlight local pizzerias and share photos of homes with great pizza-making kitchens.
#PizzaDay #LocalEats
February 9: Super Bowl Sunday
Show spirit for your favorite team and highlight listings with great entertaining spaces perfect for watching the big game.
#SuperBowlSunday #GameDayHomes
February 14: Valentine's Day
Share heartwarming client stories and tips for creating a romantic atmosphere at home.
#ValentinesDay #HomeLove
February 17: National Random Acts of Kindness Day
Encourage followers to share their acts of kindness and highlight how your business gives back to the community.
#RAKDay #SpreadKindness
February 20: National Love Your Pet Day
Feature pet-friendly home features and share photos of your own pets or clients' pets in their new homes.
#LoveYourPetDay #PetFriendlyHomes
February 20: National Comfy Day
Share tips for making your home extra cozy and comfortable, perfect for a relaxing day.
#ComfyDay #CozyHomes
February 21: National Caregivers Day
Highlight homes with features that support caregivers and share appreciation posts for caregivers in the community.
#CaregiversDay #SupportCaregivers
February 22: National Margarita Day
Share your favorite margarita recipe and suggest homes with perfect entertaining spaces for enjoying drinks with friends.
#MargaritaDay #Cheers
February 27: National Pokemon Day
Make a fun post about your favorite Pokémon and how it relates to real estate (e.g., Pikachu loves electric features in homes).
#PokemonDay #FunHomes
February 27: Retro Day
Highlight homes with retro designs or share vintage decor tips for modern homes.
#RetroDay #VintageHomes

March: Enhance Your Real Estate Social Media Presence

March is a great time to enhance your real estate social media presence. 

Celebrate International Women’s Day by featuring successful women in real estate and sharing their stories. Use St. Patrick’s Day to create fun, engaging content with a touch of luck and green-themed posts. Share tips on spring cleaning and home maintenance, encouraging your audience to get their homes ready for the new season.

Emphasize the vibrancy and renewal that spring brings to the housing market. Our real estate social media calendar lists important dates that should be part of your real estate marketing plan.

Share tips on creating a welcoming home environment for Ramadan. Highlight local events and community gatherings.
#Ramadan #CommunityTogether
American Red Cross Month
Highlight the importance of blood donation and how your community can help. Share stories of how the Red Cross has impacted lives locally.
#RedCrossMonth #GiveBlood
March 1: World Compliment Day
Share compliments about your clients, team, and community. Invite followers to share positive comments and spread kindness.
#ComplimentDay #SpreadKindness
March 3: World Wildlife Day
Highlight properties near natural habitats or discuss the importance of preserving local wildlife.
#WorldWildlifeDay #WildlifeConservation
March 4: Mardi Gras
Celebrate with a festive post about local Mardi Gras events or highlight homes perfect for entertaining during Mardi Gras.
#MardiGras #Celebrate
March 6: Nametag Day
Introduce yourself and your team. Share a fun fact about each team member to build a personal connection with your audience.
#NametagDay #MeetTheTeam
March 8: International Women's Day
Celebrate the achievements of women in real estate and your community. Share stories of inspiring women homeowners or colleagues.
#InternationalWomensDay #WomenInRealEstate
March 9: Daylight Savings Start
Remind followers to set their clocks forward. Share tips on making the most of the extra daylight in their homes.
#DaylightSavings #SpringForward
March 11: National Organize Your Home Office Day
Share tips on organizing a home office for maximum productivity. Feature listings with great home office spaces.
#OrganizeYourOfficeDay #ProductiveHomes
March 12: National Working Mom's day
Celebrate working moms by sharing stories of how they balance home and work life. Highlight homes with family-friendly features.
#WorkingMomsDay #FamilyFriendlyHomes
March 14: Holi
Celebrate the festival of colors by sharing vibrant home decor ideas. Highlight local Holi events.
#Holi #FestivalOfColors
March 14: Pi Day
Have fun with Pi Day by sharing a pie recipe or highlighting kitchens perfect for baking.
#PiDay #BakeAtHome
March 17: St. Patrick's Day
Share festive home decor ideas or local St. Patrick’s Day events. Highlight green home features.
#StPatricksDay #LuckOfTheIrish
March 18: Global Recycling Day
Share local recycling locations and tips on how to recycle effectively at home.
#GlobalRecyclingDay #RecycleMore
March 19: National Backyard Day
Highlight homes with beautiful backyards and share tips on how to enhance outdoor spaces.
#BackyardDay #OutdoorLiving
March 20: March Equinox
Share ideas for preparing homes for the new season. Discuss seasonal maintenance tasks and decor changes.
#MarchEquinox #SeasonalPrep
March 23-29: National Cleaning Week
Share spring cleaning tips and tricks. Highlight homes that are move-in ready with spotless features.
#NationalCleaningWeek #SpringCleaning
March 23-29: National Cleaning Week
Share spring cleaning tips and tricks. Highlight homes that are move-in ready with spotless features.
#NationalCleaningWeek #SpringCleaning
March 31: Eid al-Fitr
Share the significance of Eid al-Fitr and how to create a festive home atmosphere. Highlight local community celebrations.
#EidAlFitr #FestiveHomes

April 2025: Embrace Growth and Renewal in Real Estate

April is a time of growth and renewal, perfect for showcasing the dynamic nature of the real estate market. Use Earth Day to highlight eco-friendly homes and sustainable living tips. Share content on how to make homes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Celebrate National Pet Day by posting pictures and stories of homes that are perfect for pet owners. Encourage your audience to share their pet-friendly spaces.

This month, focus on creating content that promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Financial Literacy Month
Share tips on financial planning for buying a home. Highlight resources for first-time homebuyers.
#FinancialLiteracyMonth #SmartHomeBuying
Fair Housing Month
Educate your audience on the importance of fair housing practices. Share resources and stories of promoting equal housing opportunities.
#FairHousingMonth #EqualHousing
National Volunteer Month
Highlight volunteer opportunities within your community. Share your own experiences and encourage followers to get involved.
#VolunteerMonth #CommunityService
April 1: April Fools' Day
Make a lighthearted prank post, ensuring it's fun and not offensive.
#AprilFoolsDay #JustForFun
April 2: National Walking Day
Highlight local walking greenways and walking paths. Share benefits of living in walkable neighborhoods.
#NationalWalkingDay #WalkableCommunities
April 3: World Party Day
Share tips on hosting the perfect house party and feature homes with great entertainment spaces.
#WorldPartyDay #PartyHomes
April 5: National Self Care Day
Share tips on creating a home environment that promotes relaxation and self-care. Highlight features like home spas, meditation rooms, or cozy nooks.
#SelfCareDay #RelaxingHomes
April 6-12: Community Garden Week
Highlight local community gardens and share tips on starting a garden at home.
#CommunityGardenWeek #GrowYourOwn
April 7: National Beer Day
Promote a local brewery or bar. Highlight homes with great spaces for entertaining and enjoying a beer with friends.
#NationalBeerDay #LocalBreweries
April 11: National Pet Day
Feature pet-friendly home features and share photos of your own pets or clients' pets in their new homes.
#PetDay #PetFriendlyHomes
April 13: National Scrabble Day
Share an inspirational word in Scrabble tile form and engage followers with their favorite words.
#ScrabbleDay #WordPlay
April 13: Passover
Share the significance of Passover and tips for hosting a Seder at home. Highlight local community events.
#Passover #CelebrateTradition
April 17: National Haiku Day
Write a fun haiku about finding a home and encourage followers to share their own.
#HaikuDay #CreativeWriting
April 20: Easter
Share Easter home decor ideas and highlight family-friendly community events.
#Easter #EasterDecor
April 21: National Tea Day
Highlight homes with beautiful kitchens or cozy spots perfect for enjoying tea. Share your favorite tea recipes or local tea shops.
#TeaDay #TeaLovers
April 22: Earth Day
Discuss eco-friendly home improvements and highlight properties with green features. Share tips on how to live more sustainably.
#EarthDay #EcoFriendlyHomes
April 23: International Creator Day
Celebrate creativity by sharing DIY home projects or featuring creative design elements in listings.
#CreatorDay #DIYHome
April 25: Anzac Day
Share the significance of Anzac Day and honor those who have served. Highlight properties near memorials or areas with Anzac Day events.
#AnzacDay #HonorAndRemember
April 26: Get Organized Day
Share tips on home organization and decluttering. Feature homes with great storage solutions.
#GetOrganizedDay #Declutter
April 27: National Tell A Story Day
Tell your real estate story or share a memorable client experience. Invite followers to share their stories as well.
#TellAStoryDay #RealEstateStories
April 28: National Superhero Day
Highlight homes with features that would appeal to a superhero, like high-tech security systems or secret rooms.
#SuperheroDay #HeroHomes
April 30: Honesty Day
Share some honest facts about the real estate market and provide transparent advice for buyers and sellers.
#HonestyDay #RealEstateTruths

How to Plan and Schedule Your Social Media Content with Photofy

Managing a successful real estate social media strategy can be overwhelming, but Photofy simplifies the process. With Photofy’s robust set of tools, you can effortlessly plan, design, and schedule your social media content. Whether you’re using ready-made templates or creating custom posts, Photofy helps you stay organized and on-brand, ensuring your real estate marketing is always top-notch. Let’s explore how you can maximize these features to boost your social media presence.

Using Templates and Quick Shares

Photofy offers a variety of listing templates and valuable quick shares to streamline your real estate social media content creation. These pre-designed templates save you time while ensuring your posts look professional and engaging.

Designing Your Own Posts

Want to create custom content? Photofy’s freeform photo and video editor lets you design unique posts that reflect your brand’s personality. You can also save your favorite layouts to projects, making it easy to reuse them for future posts.

  • Freeform Photo and Video Editor: Customize your posts with ease using Photofy’s intuitive editor. Add text, images, and effects to create stunning visuals that captivate your audience.
  • Saving to Projects: Save your best layouts and designs to projects so you can quickly access and reuse them. This feature is perfect for maintaining consistency in your real estate social media strategy.

Photofy Post Scheduler

Stay organized and consistent with the Photofy post scheduler. Plan and schedule your posts in advance, ensuring that your real estate social media content is always timely and relevant.

Photofy’s Real Estate Partners

Photofy partners with various brands to provide you with access to branded templates, quick shares, and graphics. Sign up to access these resources and stay on brand with your real estate social media posts. Click below to see resources Photofy has for your brand.

Conclusion: Stay Ahead with a Real Estate Social Media Calendar

Staying ahead in real estate marketing requires a well-planned social media strategy. Our 2024 real estate social media calendar is your guide to important holidays and events. By incorporating these dates into your real estate content calendar, you can boost your marketing efforts and engage with your audience effectively. Start planning today and make this your best year yet!

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