TRAIN FOR SUCCESS | Defining Steps for Program Engagement

We’ve all been there. Spending months researching the right tools and resources to build and grow business. Another few months implementing them. Then the following months attempting to get the workforce engaged and conditioned to actually using them.

You clearly understand the challenges these resources can solve for your organization and even the time they will save, however, adaptation is slow to go and you realize you’re not hitting performance metrics. 

While the benefits can certainly outweigh the struggles in the long run, organizational change can be complex. Which is why efficiently outlining the resources required to deliver that change can make all the difference. 

As part of the 6 Steps to Effective Organizational Change Management, effective training is an important inclusion, both structured or informal. Training could include a suite of micro-learning online modules, or perhaps a blended learning approach incorporating face-to-face training sessions.

  • Some key questions to consider are:
  • What behaviors and skills are required to achieve business results?
  • What training delivery methods will be most effective?

As an Enterprise brand management platform for real estate, direct selling and franchise organizations, Photofy has had a window into these struggles. This is why a large part of our core focus is on developing comprehensive partner success initiatives. Simply put, we make it easy to implement our platform internally and onboard users externally through comprehensive training programs.

Our emphasis on training, and the newly introduced Photofy Academy, has helped organizations with a distributed workforce actualize sales goals and success metrics. By giving both our partners and their workforce tools to learn the program, we’ve seen an average of 6x sales increase amongst users. 

Training and onboarding isn’t a one-size fits all mentality. Understanding your user base and providing learning options can make all the difference. In the never ending fight for time, we know people learn differently. Providing options for self-paced training, structured training, webinars, live support and user surveys has helped us create a training ecosystem our teams and their users can easily access, navigate and measure for success. We’re proud to brag that with over 200k Enterprise users, our users average a 2x sales increase with a user retention rate of 76%.