Top 5 Social Media Trends for Real Estate

As a RE/MAX Approved Supplier, Photofy is proud to support brokers and agents globally to grow their real estate businesses. Over the past few years, we’ve worked hard to stay abreast of changes and successes within the industry and social media landscape and have compiled a list of 2021’s top social media trends for real estate.

#1 Video

Now more than ever is the time to get on camera (and create original content!) In a world that is ever-changing, video is where it’s at right now. Create one-to-one videos for your sphere and clients. Use Facebook Messenger, text, or Photofy Video Templates to create and send personal videos.

Consider getting on Facebook LIVE or Instagram Live once a week to talk about local businesses as well as business updates. Facebook live can get you up to 10x more engagement than regular posts.

I know we are all over using Video Conferencing but for those who are still uncomfortable with meeting in-person setting up a group video chat, virtual happy hour with your neighbors and clients is a great way to stay connected.

On real estate-specific sites, listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than listings without video.   Leveraging this trend, Photofy makes it easy for Enterprise partners to instantly create branded videos using Templates.

#2 Leverage All Facets of Social Media

Make the most out of Facebook/Instagram stories, groups, your business pages, your personal profile, and more. Use your personal profile to build and nurture relationships with current and past clients, and your business page to promote your listings and business. Many people add a small, recognizable logo to their profile photos. 

Maximize your Facebook groups to build community, and use stories to share your behind-the-scenes. You can also broaden your content from the real estate itself. For clients who have moved, they’re living, working, and integrating into the community. They might be interested in that new restaurant down the road. Or the best summer camps to send their kids to. You can become their go-to source for all things local. When you use all of these in tandem, they can make a massive difference. 

Since Facebook changed its algorithm back in January 2018, the newsfeed has prioritized “posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions”— including posts from Facebook Groups for business. Either way, the focus here is on a loyal, authentic online community.

Photofy Tips:
– Optimize your content per channel or medium using Photofy’s custom ratio tool.
– New to groups? Check out this quick tutorial on how to build and brand your business page using Photofy!

#3 Create a Content Plan

Creating a plan and calendar will give you quick and easy ideas on engaging content to share with your audience. When planning your monthly social media content, personalize it so it reflects you, your brand, and your niche.

Make a list of local events, holidays, and what’s coming up in your business. Do you have a new listing coming on the market? Are you participating in a local charity event? Are you taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip? These are all things to share. It’s important to remember that social media is about being social, not about always selling. The quickest way to push people away is to post about nothing but your business and listings. Below is an example of a monthly calendar created by Grammar Pros.

#4 Create On-brand, Consistent, Content


At this point, we all know the brand Kleenex. But ultimately, with thousands of tissue brands on the market, how did Kleenex become a household name? Brand consistency. 

Defining a look and feel for your brand can make all the difference in how people can come to know and recognize your brand. By using the same logos, icons, fonts, colors, and even brand voice or tone, your community will begin to build a relationship with your brand, especially as values align.

#5 Connect with People

Remember, real estate is a relationship business. It’s less about you and more about others. Reach out to people on their birthday/anniversary/special events. Send them a video via Facebook messenger. Call them. Send them a text. Connect with people. Send a gift or a card. Do something thoughtful and you’ll be the first person they think about when they need someone to recommend or even for themselves. 

BONUS: Marketing and Social Media Tips with Special Guest Bri White

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