How Photofy Can Help Norwex Consultants Build Their Business

How Can Photofy Help Norwex Consultants Build Their Business?

Engaging content has become the lifeblood of building any business. From Facebook and Instagram to text and email, images catch attention, and tell a story quickly and easily and are frequently shared with others. Photofy is an easy to use content creation tool that helps people make beautiful, branded content in 30 seconds or less. We believe that anyone can create professional looking marketing content using brand creative assets and personalize it for their audience. As people spend more of their time on social and digital media, this kind of authentic content is perfect for building connections, relationships and engagement.

Norwex consultants will have easy access via their mobile devices to a wide variety of Norwex branded templates, photos, graphic designs and content tools that can help them create compelling content to help grow their businesses. Content in the app is delivered through an exclusive Norwex branded experience that is for the exclusive use of its consultant community. 

Photofy works closely with the Norwex Marketing Team to ensure that all product images available in the app are kept up to date and in line with current Norwex marketing promotions, objectives and goals.

Some of the key features of the Norwex Photofy platform include:

  1. Streamlined workflow- Easy to use workflow and layout with Norwex branding that will make creating content a snap for any consultant! 
  2. Quick Access- Easy access with the touch of a button to new and consistently updated designs, templates, stock photos, and more. 
  3. Templates/Dynamic Templates – Easy to use Norwex posts that have all video or images, logos and copy prepared so  consultants can simply add their contact info and post to their favorite social media site, saving time and effort. Photofy dynamic templates automatically add contact data making content creation even easier.
  4. Party & Event Content – Party invites made really easy! Schedule your party and quickly create themed invitations with all important information ready to go! 
  5. Quick Shares – Fully created social posts straight from the Norwex Home Office that can be easily shared with a couple of clicks to any social channel complete with prefilled hashtags. 
  6. Content Scheduler Tool – Easily create several images and schedule reminders for future sharing when time is abundant. The scheduler allows users to make any necessary changes prior to posting.
  7. Premium App Features– Additional premium features in the subscription such as Color Spectrum, Logo+, and more.

These features will ensure that consultants are creating marketing images in line with the Norwex marketing requirements, including logo use, brand colors, and messaging. Quick and easy to follow training videos featuring some of the most popular features and functions of the Photofy app are also available on the Photofy support site to get consultants off the ground and creating images with their new Norwex+Photofy Subscription. We also offer first-rate customer support to all of our customers via email, Facebook and through our support page! 

Learn more about the Norwex+Photofy Pro subscription at


  • Cevilla Stutzman

    Thank you for allowing me to connect my Norwex business with photofy app.

    • Photofy Team

      We’re so glad you’re enjoying it! What is your favorite part of using the Photofy app for your Norwex business?

      If you’re on Facebook, we have a group for Norwex + Photofy users where we share app updates and marketing tips.
      Creating Safe Havens with Photofy

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